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Jack Mott  —  1 year, 10 months ago [Edited 7 minutes later]
Dungeon Builder is a project I started to get some practice with, and learn C++. Experienced C++ programmers may find some horrible code inside, please let me know if you do so I can improve!

Dungeon Builder is inspired by old text adventure games like Zork. The aim is to have an entirely text based interface where you can not only play Zork style games, but also create them. The aim is that the creation engine should be flexible enough to recreate Zork 1, but still usable by non programmers, all in a console text based interface. Additional features will be added that zork did not have as well, high tech things like COLOR and basic formatting (bold, centering, etc). Maybe eventually sound.

I have very little time to work on this right now with two young kids, so any help or input would be appreciated.

The current state if fairly well fleshed out, you can build dungeons and play through them. It should compile and work on Windows and Linux, and maybe MacOSX as well (I have no way to test).

This animated gif shows how things work:

Todo list includes:
  • Add sound!
  • Improve text editor efficiency/robustness/features
  • Find ways to make the engine as flexible as possible to replicate features found in zork, without introducing too much complexity in the editor

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