A project to create a cross platform, console text game engine in the spirit of the old Infocom games. The minimum feature set for this game is to create a flexible enough engine that one can recreate the game Zork1 from within it. You will be able to create your own world, place objects and NPCs within it, save the world to a JSON format, and play it. The save format will be user readable and editable so that you can, if desired, edit it with your own text editing tools.

The project is being coded in C++ and uses the NCurses library (PDCurses for Windows) with an aim to keep it compatible on as many platforms as possible. Currently it compiles and runs in both Windows and Linux.

Enhanced features above and beyond the Zork1 feature set will include:
16 Colors instead of 2
Dual,Triple,Monitor Support
Saving game play transcripts
Support for N-dimensional worlds
And more!